Harness The Power of Idle™

We have built a distributed computing platform, with the goal of becoming the premier partner for software users and publishers.

Users can enjoy premium versions of different software in exchange for their idle CPU cycles. Partnering with spare.io, publishers can significantly improve monetization on their traffic.

Distributed Computing

A consumer solution in the distributed computing space –  using the power of many, in one place.

Security & Privacy

Privacy and security are our priority. See how you & your data are safe; read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Use spare.io to incent, reward and monetize your traffic and customers.
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Spare.io is committed to your privacy and your security, and we will always be transparent with our users and partners.

Our team never collects your private data, and is always hard at work, making sure we are compliant with the latest regulations.

We’re on a mission to become the future of distributed computing

Realizing the untapped resource of idle processing power, we have developed a set of distributed computing technologies to maximize value for our users, and our partners.

Our team has long-standing relationships with publishers of some of most popular software products in the world. Working with them, we are able to reach users and grow our network on an unparalleled scale. This enables us to harness processing power across the network and solve complex computing problems.

Users benefit tremendously with spare.io – as we offer free premium software in exchange for idle PC resources. By giving as little as 1 hour of their idle time, users earn rewards in the form of premium software upgrades, app store credits, or even donate to charity. Part of our mission is to give back. Rather than cashing in their rewards, users can choose to donate their spare resources to the charities they wish to support.

Partner Solutions

Monetize your premium content, website or software with spare.io

spare.io™ delivers the best results for software publishers, and content creators across platforms. Our application is an alternative payment method, maximising value for you and your users.


Safety and security always come first. We’re committed to user privacy and partner security, and we’ll always be transparent. Your traffic and user base are safe with us.


Give consumers new ways to pay for your content. Reward users, monetize your services, and drive new installs.


We create loyal customers by offering them a solution for premium content/software/rewards without negatively impacting their experience on the various devices they enroll with spare.io™.

Strategic Partners

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